Preparing for a Conscious Birth

Folklore has it that each birthing mother will go on a journey to fetch the soul of her unborn child. Many traditional cultures they say, “The Labouring mother goes out to the night sky to collect her unborn baby from the stars".

So what has this got to do with a healthy pregnancy and birth?

While there is plenty of focus on the physical preparation required for childbirth, it’s perhaps a little less common to focus on the emotional and personal growth work that helps us understand and deeply prepare for this huge transformation.

Birth is a sacred rite of passage event in a woman and family’s life, and like any rite of passage, it is impossible to fully understand the process until the initiation actually takes place.

So how do you really prepare for the unknown mystery of birth and parenthood?

Well we all know that a baby is born of a woman’s womb and not of her head right?! Yet so many of us spend all our time preparing for childbirth in our heads or our minds rather than getting out of the ‘thinking mind’ and into the ‘feeling body’.

But of course this can be easier said than done.

Modern life almost demands we stay entrenched in our heads so much so that listening to our bodies can seem unfamiliar and even strange. Gradually we subconsciously learn to mistrust our bodies and ourselves seeking external experts to tell us what to do.

It is so important, particularly during birth, to come back to the center, back to the heart space.

During pregnancy a woman’s body softens and becomes easily flexed while the senses, particularly smell, are heightened. This is also true for the unseen. A woman’s emotions, awareness and psychic sensitivities are also dramatically increased during pregnancy for a very good reason, to prepare for the coming journey.

In educating children, Rudolf Steiner states the whole child is to be educated - the head, the heart, and the hands.

Similarly for the birthing mother, childbirth preparation is ideal when the whole of the mother and parent is prepared in the following way:

Her head with the latest understanding of birthing options that help her feel safe and empowered in birth choices that best suit her. Her hands or body with the primordial knowing that sits deeply in-tune with her own body and the baby that lies within, trusting her own intuitive guide throughout the birthing journey.

Her heart with the spiritual awareness and ability to see how each footstep taken beforehand will meet her there at the moment of birth, and how those steps will impact her birth experience.

The method or way women birth, while important, is not the focus of holistic birth preparation. A woman is better prepared for birth when her prenatal preparation includes preparing for the unknown, unexpected or unwished for events, the bliss and the intensity, ways of coping, to reconnect to her innate intuition and the deeper lessens and healing potential birth has to offer within her life story.

It is the unfurling of her coming into fullness, her evolution as a woman, being present and doing her best in each moment, giving voice to her experience and being able to freely express her wild and dark authentic feminine self - maybe for the first time in her life - that is the focus of holistic conscious birth preparation.

Birth is the alchemy of lead into gold, of maiden into mother.

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"Lara's Birthing From Within workshop is a rare opportunity to focus on the emotional journey of birth into motherhood, rather than just the physical side of the birthing process. When we devote time in our pregnancies to exploring our feelings about this transformation, and then receive emotional guidance in how to move through it, birth is more likely to unfold with ease. I highly recommend this workshop to all pregnant women to honour their pregnancy in this way." - Sally Cusack, President, Northern Rivers Branch, Maternity Coalition Inc.
“Wonderful and supportive, warm, relaxed, challenging and safe. Thank you dearly " - Dom
“Empowering, self discovery, nurturing, beautiful mamas” - Anna
Thank you so much for all your support. I know I worked really really hard on overcoming my previous birthing experience during my pregnancy but without your Birthing Within Workshop I wouldn't have had such an amazing experiece. Thank you!!! - Ana
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