Birthing From Within Circle for pregnant women

Birthing From Within Circle For Pregnant Women


Prepare spiritually and emotionally for birth as a rite of passage

This time in your life, during pregnancy, birth and early parenting has the power to transform you, it is what birth does. Birth is a transformational journey from maiden to mother.

This mini Birthing From Within circle equip’s birthing mothers with a sense of awakened intuition and confidence in their own bodies, as well as specific tools and skills to use throughout the birthing journey.

Integrating ancient knowledge with the latest childbirth information on offer, each class shares soulful yet practical wisdom to gently reveal and reconnect you to your own innate and individual birth process.

This circle is suitable for all birth plans from hospital to homebirth, caesarean to “natural” birth, and each class provides a non-judgmental space for you to safely prepare for your own personal birth experience.

Each class creates an experience of nurture, ritual, and information sharing to honour the mother on every level, mind, body and soul.

featured in this circle:

* Create your own birth vision mandala. An fun and engaging creative process for pregnant women. The mandala is a meditative tool to assist you to connect with deeper elements of your knowing as you focus shifts from the outer world to you inner world.

* Inanna’s decent into labour land. The great myth of Inanna’s decent provides women with a guide as they prepare for their labour, birth and postpartum as a rite of passage.
….and more

This class has been especially designed for women only to delve deep into their pregnancy journey.

When: July 1st 2017

Time: 10.30 am to 2.30 pm

What to bring: scissors, paint brush, picture of yourself to use in the mandala (optional)

Cost: $60, includes art materials.

Where: Red Tent Yoga, Byron Bay Australia.

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“I highly recommend Lara’s prenatal workshops to every pregnant woman.

Thank you Lara for creating such a special & spiritual experience! ” Andrea


“Such a beautiful time sharing, beautiful insights, would recommend to

all pregnant women” Kelly


“Empowering, Self discovery, nurturing, beautiful” Julia


“Wonderful, supportive, warm, relaxed, challenging and safe” Dom


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Photo: Courtesy of Lara Martin


Birthing From Within Circle for Pregnant Women (women only)

Byron Bay, Australia 

four consecutive Friday evenings –  

Next Dates March 2016 

6.15 p.m – 8.15 p.m



This is a a four week series exploring the deeper spiritual realms of Birth as a Rite of Passage.

Join us for this intimate circle covering:
– Labyrinth of Birth,

– Redefining birth pain, intensity and the heart felt openings of birth,

– Taming our birth tigers (concerns, worries regarding birth)

– The birth of the Mother and her new role, breastfeeding, finding your own way,

– Connection to your ‘body intuition’ through mindful movement,

– Guided visualisation/ Hypnotherapy for positive birth

– Feel confident and positive about your upcoming birth

Bookings essential; fee:  4 evenings $80.00.

Held at Red Tent Yoga Byron Bay.

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