Welcome!!!   I’m Lara Martin, the woman, mother, lover, seeker and birth keeper behind Conscious Birth. 

I could go on and on about what I have learnt and think every mother or father to be needs to know or do, but that is not the point here.  What I really want is to encourage and inspire women, father’s and couple’s to discover their own path to their birth and to uncover the hidden medicine in their stories and story to be.

I want mothers to walk away from their birth feeling good about themselves and what they have just done!  Feeling like a “powerful kick-ass mama” that they are (and in, however their birth experience unfurled).

Conscious Birth is about YOU getting to know yourself.  It is about learning and discovering old, new and creative ways to bring ritual, nurturance, self-love, self-acceptance and awareness to your pregnancy journey and ultimately your birth and parenting.  So when you birth your baby, you feel good and empowered by your awesome self and the miracle of what you and your baby have just done.  


Positioned in Byron Bay Australia, Conscious Birth embodies the wisdom of the area’s established alternative birthing community while incorporating the continually changing face of childbirth in the modern world.


Due to its stunning natural beauty and lush landscapes, as well the ancient wisdom of traditional birthing sites known as the Tea Tree Lakes, Byron Bay has fast become a mecca for pregnancy and birth.


Conscious Birth was dreamed up in 2008 after the esctatic birth of my first child.  I was amazed and inspired by the whole experience of growing a baby in my womb and from the blossoming from a woman into a mother, not to mention what my partner went through, and felt the need to move my own therapeutic work in this direction.


With a psychology background and experience as a counselor and psychotherapist, Conscious Birth has been specifically designed to address the many different aspects of this transformational journey to becoming parents for women, men, and as a couple.

Conscious Birth Vision


Conscious Birth acknowledges birth as a sacred transformative rite of passage


Conscious Birth acknowledges the rights of the mother to have autonomy over her body, her baby and her birth


Conscious Birth acknowledges the important role of fathers and partners in birth, both as co-parents as well as focusing on the changing nature of their relationship after childbirth


Conscious Birth acknowledges medical intervention can be lifesaving when needed


Conscious Birth acknowledges birth creates a blue print for life


Conscious Birth believes in the power of birth to be a somatic healing experience


Conscious Birth believes in the potential of birth to be an Ecstatic experience – ecstatic defined as – ” involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence: an ecstatic vision of God.”


Conscious Birth acknowledges that childbirth is one of the most major events in a woman’s life that she will remember for  her life and when she feels good about that experience will be able to draw strength from it for the rest of her life


Conscious Birth acknowledges that non-judgmental, nurturing and loving support is essential in the wellbeing of mother, child and family unit during the initiation phase of labour, birth and early post-partum


Conscious Birth is ultimately about YOU awakening to your own innate wisdom within



Professional Qualifications:

  • B.A. and Honours in Psychology from Victoria University 2006
  • Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling 2004
  • Doula trained by DONA International Santa Barbara 2009
  • Birthing From Within Introductory and Birthing From Within Advance Mentor Program
  • Certified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP
  • Ina May Gaskin workshop in Santa Barbara C.A.
  • Australian Home Birth Conference 2014
  • BellyDance Birth Level One and Level two: The Al Musa Method
  • Midwifery Today Conference in Byron Bay AU 2014
  • Sacred Birth Doula Training with Anna Watts, Byron Bay AU 2015
  • Shamanic Dimensions in Pregnancy with Jane Hardwicke Collings workshop AU 2015


For four years I co-produced and hosted the popular Pregnancy Birth and Beyond radio program 2011 – 2015, aired live weekly from community station 99.9 Bay FM located in the heart of Byron Bay.



Lara Martin