Birthing From Within For Couples – Byron Bay

want to feel confident and ready to birth your baby together with love?


By harnessing the power of your love and connection, you as a couple will share your birth journey together, awaken to your own inner guide and be able to count on each other during your birthing time… which is the most valuable gift for your baby’s life.  Our classes equip birthing mothers with a sense of awakened intuition and confidence in their own bodies, as well as specific tools and skills to use throughout the birthing journey. Integrating ancient knowledge with the latest childbirth information on offer, each class shares soulful yet practical wisdom to gently reveal and reconnect you to your own innate and individual birth process.

Partners will receive practical information, tools and guidance on how to be a supportive role for the birthing woman, with confidence and presence.

Classes are suitable for all birth plans from hospital to home birth, caesarean to “natural” birth, and each class provides a non-judgmental space for you to safely prepare for your own personal birth experience.


Private Birthing From Within Classes

Topics covered vary depending on couple and may include:

stages of labour

labour tools and techniques

preparing for your unique birth

being with pain, power and the intensity of labour

couple focused learning

the first hour and days with baby



 Mini Birthing From Within couples birth preparation class

Photo courtesy of Melissa Jean Photography

Saturday July 23rd 2017, November 2017

Topics covered include        

Stages of Labour

Labour tools and techniques

Group discussions

Couple focused learning

the first hour and days with baby


Facilitated by

Lara Martin ~ Birthing From Within Facilitator, Doula, Psychotherapist and Host of the Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Radio program.
Lara is passionate in supporting people in pregnancy, birth and parenting….Through her own experience as a mother, as well as facilitating birth workshops and supporting couples in birth as a Doula, birth healing and with a background in psychology and as experienced counsellor.
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – Limited Spaces to 6 couples.
Bookings: Lara 0421103332
$95 per couple (includes morning tea and snacks).
 Sunday, July 23rd 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.


“Claim what is sacred to you and insist that your birthing traditions reflect the most intimate and holy desires of the soul. Always mysterious and profound, the sacred takes us out of our mundane reality and puts us in touch with “the more.” To connect with the sacred is to access our source of passion and personal power, our depths, our art, our imagination and our true selves.”from an article “Building Sacred Traditions in Birth” by Whapio Diane Bartlett, traditional midwife.